We are Mark and Pat Allen and we run a small home-based business called Worms @ Work. We raise and sell composting worms by the pound or one half pound. We also sell vermicomposting kits ready to use for home or classroom, vermicomposting resources as well as worm compost for fertilizer.

We are located in the north end of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We started with our first worms in the mid 1990's when Pat’s son worked in an Eco Shop and learned about this neat thing called vermicomposting. Pat’s original reaction was” No way am I having worms in my house!” Eventually her son just came home with a kit ready to use. Pat started to put the leftover kitchen organics in the bin. She was fascinated with the worms and the results - A rich dark compost was produced over the course of just a few months. Things progressed from there.

If you have never heard of Vermicomposting it simply defined as “the process by whichcompost worms and other decomposer organisms turn organic waste and worm bedding materials into a great natural soil additive called vermicompost.”

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