Worm Compost

A 5L bag of finished compost. It has the colour and consitency of coffee grounds.

Benefits of Worm Compost

      1. Worm compost, also known as castings, have been called "nature's perfect plant food". It has 10 times more nutrients than outdoor compost.
      2. It is the finest soil ammendment known to man and its all natural.
      3. When mixed in the appropriate ratio with soil (1part compost/castings:4 parts soil) it will not burn even the most delicate plants.
      4. Worm casts add moisture retaining properties to soil because they can hold 2-3 times their weight in water.
      5. The structure of the worm casts aids in soil aeration.
      6. Beneficial microbes, enzymes and humus are added to the soil through worm compost.

    Compared to soil, castings have:

    5 times the Nitrate
    7 times the Phosphorous
    3 times the exchangeable Magnesium
    11 times the Potash
    1.5 times the bio-available Calcium

Uses of Worm Compost

      1. Instead of using commercial chemicals, top dress lawns with 25 L of worm compost/castings per 500 square feet.
      2. Sprinkle a 1/4 layer of compost/castings to vegetable and flower rows before planting.
      3. Top dress house plants, established perenials, out door potted plants, container gardens, vegetable gardens, hanging baskets, planters, window boxes, etc.
      4. Trees and shrubs of any size also benefit from top dressing.
      5. Combine with soil (1part compost/castings:4 parts soil) when repotting plants, planting annuals or new perenials, or when planting trees or shrubs.

We sell finished, dried compost for all of the above uses. (See price lists for details)

We have had great improvements in hour house plants, lawn, and garden by simply liberally sprinkling the compost on top of the soil. When adding it to soil (for new gardening projects etc.), we recommend blending it 1 part to 4 parts with organic black earth, top soil or peat moss.

This is a photo of the worm compost before the worms are separated from the mixture and it has been screened.

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