Compost Tea

Above is a Tea Brewer that is used by Mark, one of the co-owners of Worms @ Work. Compost tea is essentially a mixture of worm compost and water which is aerated and "brewed" for several hours or days to create a liquid plant food replete with active organic nutrients and microbes. Because these microbes need oxygen to survive, compost tea cannot be bottled, but must be used within a day of when it is prepared. The worm tea works amazingly well. All types of plants become greener, stronger and develop much deeper and healthier root systems with regular use of the tea.


Compost tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution produced by extracting beneficial microbes from vermicompost and/or compost.
The brew is produced by adding nutrients to water that is highly aerated. Compost and/or vermicompost is suspended in the solution and the extraction process begins. Using the proper equipment, good quality compost tea can be brewed in 24 hours. It is extremely important that all of the equipment be washed and disinfected between brewings to prevent buildup of harmful bacteria and microbes.

Below are some quick facts about the benefits of Compost Tea.

1. A source of foliar and soil organic nutrients.
2. Chelated micronutrients for easy plant absorption.
3. Nutrients in biologically available form for both and plant and microbial uptake.

MICROBIAL FUNCTIONS                         
1. Competes with disease causing microbes.
2. Degrades toxic pesticides and or other chemicals.
3. Produces plant growth hormones.
4. Mineralizes available nutrients for plants.
5. Fixes nitrogen.


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