Educational Programs

Our educational programs consist of classes for either Elementary School Students or Adults.


The program is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes in length.

In the first half hour students are shown:

A cardboard worm who wears many hats to illustrate all the wonderful jobs that worms do.

A large diagram to show the anatomy of the worm.

Students are told what conditions composting worms need to survive.

Students get to look at live worms.

The presenter interacts with students to teach what kinds of foods the worms and the bacterial helpers can break down.

During the second half hour, an excellent video called "WORMANIA" is shown to the students, which reinforces the points discussed by the presenter.

This video has amazing footage of the worm's hearts beating, a cocoon hatching, how a worm moves, why worms are important and lots of other great pictures.

Time is given for the children to ask questions. Written materials are given to the teacher for their reference.

If the school has ordered worms and/or a bin from Worms @ Work, the cost for the presentation as described above is $60.
Any additional presentations during the same day are $30 each.

If the school wants only the presentation the cost is $70.
Any additional presentations during the same day are $30 each.


These are most often organized by a group that wants to have us do this presentation. We have gone to such places as Lee Valley Tools and the
U of C Eco Club, and private companies who are interested in reducing their ecological footprint and creating a more environmentally friendly workplace.

The purpose of this presentation is to teach people how to set up a bin and do their own composting.This presentation is 90 minutes long.

This program includes a definition of vermicomposting, what is needed to do it, bin types, the worm species, the worm anatomy, worm reproduction, and examples of proper bedding.

Information is presented as to what can be fed to the worms, how to feed, and how much to feed. The care and maintenance of a bin is discussed including trouble shooting guidelines.

Participants are shown harvesting methods and then how and where to use the finished compost.

We bring a demonstration bin, show the live worms, show a sample of suitable bedding, and show actual amounts of food that can be fed at a time.
We also do a brief explanation about "worm tea" and what it is used for.

We show the video "Wormania" (see the description above in the Elementary School Student Program section).

Time is allotted for questions and hands-on experience such maintaining the moisture level of the bedding, the harvesting process, and observing the worms.

The price for this is $125 for a maximum of 25 people. For larger groups, please contact us for prices.

For more information, please contact us at:

Pat sorting worms with her Granddaughter