Price List

(All prices in Canadian Dollars - GST included)

Composting Worms

1/2 pound of worms $45.00
1 pound of worms $90.00

Pre-Made Kits

Worm Compost Kit with 1/2 pound of worms $95.00
Worm Compost Kit with 1 pound of worms $130.00

All bins come with a hand rake and an instruction brochure.

Educational Presentations

School Presentation (when products are ordered from us) $60.00
Aditional presentations during the same day are $40.00 each

School Presentation (without product order) $70.00
Aditional presentations during the same day are $40.00 each

Adult Presentation - please contact us for prices

Finished Compost Plant Food

Screened to 1/8 inch
5 litre bag - $12.00
10 litre bag - $20.00
20 litre bag - $35.00

Pictured above is a 5L bag of compost. 10L and 20L bags are also available.
All bags come with instructions for use.

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery Within the City of Calgary $20.00
Shipping - C.O.D. via Greyhound Courier


Compost by Gosh! by Michelle Eva Portman $20.00
(a fun guide to worm composting for kids)

Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhoff $20.00
(the ultimate guide to composting with worms)


(check with us when ordering)

To purchase any of our products,

please send an email to that includes the following information:

Your Name and phone number

specific product(s) you wish to order (ex. a 1/2 lb worm kit and a 5L bag of compost)